Your Servant Leader – Episode 10: Learning for Leadership

Raad Ghantous is an accomplished leader who shares his unique brand of guiding others. He is a teacher, coach, volunteer and business owner who provides us with great insights as to why learning is a lifelong necessity for growing as leaders and as people. Be sure to comment on Greg’s episodes, share them on your favorite social media, and connect … Read More

Your Servant Leader – Episode 9: Courage To Collaborate

Andrew Lopez is a young entrepreneur and that might be why he was willing and eager to reach out to people who could help him build his business. He figured out that others may have the talent, experience or connections he needed to be successful. Be sure to comment on Greg’s episodes, share them on your favorite social media, and … Read More

Your Servant Leader – Episode 8: Leading from the Heart

Host Greg Aden presents a key concept in leadership – authentic, heart-felt service to others. Greg is able to explain this foundation of Servant Leadership in a way that will help you imagine your own happiness and effectiveness when practicing his simple advice. Be sure to comment on Greg’s episodes, share them on your favorite social media, and connect with … Read More

Episode 113: Community is Family

Business Strategies Media Executive Producer, David Sahd, hosts this episode to highlight a charity near and dear to his heart.  He calls the over 700 adults and children with developmental disabilities served by ARCA his “kids”.  He speaks with ARCA Foundation Ex. Dir., Michelle Cody, and Rio Rancho Mayor Gregg Hull and his wife Carrie about Mayors on Strike for … Read More

Episode 112: Gregg Kunz – Getting More from the Sale of a Business

Gregg Kunz is a business broker who brings a wealth of ownership experience in helping his clients sell their companies at the right time and for the right price.  When you hear his business stories and his approach to working with clients, you will understand why we are featuring him on our podcast. You can follow Gregg by visiting our … Read More

Your Servant Leader – Episode 7: Leading by Example

Host Greg Aden Interviews author, speaker, and owner of multiple businesses, Dorothy Andreas.  They discuss myriad aspects of growing as a leader and helping team members achieve peak performance. Dorothy Andreas, author of “Streamline Success: Eliminate Chaos from your Service Business”.  You can follow Greg through our About Us – Hosts page and connect with all of our guests on the … Read More

Your Servant Leader – Episode 6: I Think vs. I Believe

Host Greg Aden discusses certainty in communication by examining the distinctions between “I think” and “I believe”.  One thing Greg knows is that truth is a function of what we believe, and that when we confidently express our thoughts and opinions, we are taken more seriously by others. In the next episode, Greg’s guest will be Dorothy Andreas, author of … Read More

Your Servant Leader – Episode 5: Lead and Decide from the Heart – Edward Mirza, Part 2

Host Greg Aden continues his interview with one of the leaders he respects most from among his professional associates – Mr. Edward Mirza. In Part 2, Greg asks him about the difficulties of leadership and how to approach management decisions Edward’s experiences, both professional and personal, lend great insights to critical aspects of human relations. In the next episode, … Read More

WYB? EPISODE 11: Keith Crichton – The Wayfair Decision and Your GRT Compliance

State and local tax expert Keith Crichton reviews key aspects of the Supreme Court decision on South Dakota v. Wayfair.  This ruling will affect any business that sells online and across state boarders.  This valuable interview and information is made available to you in partnership with our sister affiliate, New Mexico Business Forum.  Be sure to connect to Keith and … Read More

Your Servant Leader – Episode 4: Meet a True Servant Leader – Edward Mirza

How do you explain Servant Leadership? Host Greg Aden decided to interview one of the leaders he admires tremendously for how he shows up for others and lives his life as a servant leader – Mr. Edward Mirza. Greg asks him about his guiding principles as a leader in the hospitality industry. Edward’s experience working in several countries brings a … Read More