Episode 3: David Avrin – Entrance Fee

Episode 3 completes RMBF’s introductory episodes with examples of excerpts from interviews. Host Chris Blair found David Avrin’s comments on changing market expectations extremely insightful, as well as idea rich and succinct. David shares concrete ideas you can use to increase marketing effectiveness tomorrow. Connect to David through our Strategic Partners directory. We appreciate your ideas and feedback! Please log … Read More

RMBF Premier Party

Rocky Mountain Business Forum held a launch party for the strategic partners who have helped get our online community started.  Most of the numerous owners and professionals who recorded initial content joined us at Gallery at Studio J in Denver’s new art district to celebrate our web site launch.  We thank all of them for telling us their stories to share … Read More

Episode 2: Lloyd Gottman – Bookkeeper and the Emir Dubai

Episode 2 is another example of story-telling by our strategic partner, Lloyd Gottman.  It is especially noteworthy because he demonstrates his experience and knowledge without self-promotion and in an entertaining manner that helps convey a valuable business idea.  Lloyd shares how business goals can be addressed through strategic human resources and tools – in about two minutes! Connect with Lloyd … Read More

Episode 1: Rick Arthur – Past Mistakes, Future Success

RMBF has selected three segments from among several interviews conducted with owners and advisors who demonstrate distinct story-telling styles that future guests will find helpful. Episode 1 includes 3 minutes with Rick Arthur who shares how past experience, especially failure, is critical to future success. Learn about three rules for managing business growth in about 3:20. Connect with Rick (CFO) … Read More